#FirstTripleAxel: #tripleaxel #MidoriITO 1989; and 1991 #TonyaHarding, #MiraiNagusu 2018: #3A

Midori Ito First Triple Axel at Worlds 1989 in Paris & long program at Albertville Olympics 1992:



First Triple Axel in women figure skating, done in an officiel competition: 1989 Worlds in Paris Midori Ito (Japan).*

*it is mentioned; that US-figure skater: Tiffany Chin (USA) landed a real achievement in exhibition/training 1982/1983, aged 14 or 15 years old;  of first triple axel in history:

Thanks to“richq10″ on youtube:

Thanks to „floskate“ on youtube:

Thanks to „3Axel1996“ on youtube:

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA – 1991 United States Figure Skating Championships, Ladies‘ Free Skate – Tonya Harding not only skated a near perfect program, but she became the first American ladies skater to land the triple Axel in a sanctioned amateur/eligible competition.

The best performance of Tonya Harding, and one of the most emotional performances in figure skating forever:

and 2018 Mirai Nagasu :

*Thanks ABC News: 1.973.040 clicks:

So long Bernhard from Germany.“Bobbo“.CIAO.







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