Revolution on ice 2018: JavierFernandez


Hola querido Javier Fernández y amigos: Buena suerte y éxito para la revolución en el hielo: Adiós Bernardo, "Bobbo".

When real sport becomes art on ice: EISKUNSTLAUFEN: Ludmilla & Oleg: legends in pairs skating: 1954-2014 :

such a quality of pairs skating, flow, artistique, „bellissima“ ….

#FigureSkating EISKUNSTLAUFEN #artonice legends & stars:


Belousova & Protopopov – LP 1968 Olympics Grenoble

„The legendary pair who has changed the world of figure skating — turning it into the art rather the just sport. Not only did they develop their own exclusive style ,but opened the new direction — sensual, expressive pair skating which captivated the world immediately . Here they skate at 1985 Worlds Pro AP — another variation on „Moonlight Sonata“. It seems like this music has touched them emotionally the most — they came back to it many times through their career – as well as Tarasova to Carmen . Ludmila Belousova is 50 years old here.“  Thanks to  hatula 87 on youtube:

more info on Wikiwand: Ludmilla & Oleg on wikiwand:

First part of their life and unbelievable career:

Part I: 1964-1968: on my blogspot:

will be continued next time part II: 1969-1979 on my blogspot:theme


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